Posted on Aug 31, 2019

Bloomin' Blinds of The Woodlands

Automate 5 of your existing blinds for $799

Aug 31, 2019 – Sep 30, 2019
September Special! Automate Five Blinds with solor recharge for only $799!

How high was your electric bill for August? What if you could have your existing blinds motorized to where you could control them with your Smart Phone to reduce the heat coming into your home? What if you could set up a schedule to open in the morning, close during the hours of the harshest Sun, open again in early evening and close again for privacy at night? What if they could be set to adjust as the sun moves across the Sky?
For the month of September, we will come to your home and motorize five of your blinds for the low cost of $799. That's more than 30% off. Additionally at no extra charge, we will install a small solar panel way at the top of the window (virtually unseen) that will keep the blinds charged for years without having to replace the batteries or plug in to recharge. We will set up your Smart Phone and any schedule you want.
Call Bloomin' Blinds of The Woodlands at 936-236-6800 to schedule having your existing blinds automated. Have more than five blinds? Additional are $150 each. Have fewer? $199 each.

OFFER ENDS September 30, 2019, or while supplies of retrofit kits last. Call to schedule and lock in price.
Valid Aug 31, 2019 – Sep 30, 2019
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